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Easy Pren paint and oil application rollers

Varnishing rollers, Shore hardness 10°A

By Christa Göschl, member of the asma sales department

Rubber rolls are used for varnishing and oiling wood panels, surfaces, etc.

In order to avoid the need to change the rollers each time the varnishing system is changed the customer is looking for a solution which is more resistant to marks at the roller edges and, ideally, a coating material that is resistant to both oils and solvents.

Implementation: Based on our experience with roller coating lines from coil coating we refined our polyurethane formulations to better suit the requirements of wood varnishing machinery. Extensive testing (e.g. swelling tests, chemical analysis, etc.) finally led to the development of promising results. Furthermore, the tests carried out at the customer’s premises on his varnishing machine were extremely positive as the new coating (EASYPREN) not only supports working with oil or solvent-based paint but it also considerably reduces the consumption of paint and works more effectively whilst at the same time guaranteeing perfect wetting and application quality.

On the basis of these positive experiences we continue to extend our range of products in close cooperation with our customers with the aim of optimising the products and meeting special application requirements.

As a result, we now can offer a NEW product: the two-component coating XTRAFLEX (which consists of a rubber sponge base and a compact layer of Easy Pren). This is suitable for applications requiring extreme deformability and flexibility.

Door manufacturing industry

Rollers coated with Asmaprene are suitable for coating seam/closing areas.
This product is especially advantageous for twin-wall doors where spray coating can be avoided and thus costs are reduced (e.g. less paint, no environmental charges due to ventilation, etc.)
In the past, rubber (NBR / EPDM) was used but because of the risk of shrinking it was suitable only for low contact pressures.
The lifetime of these products was also quite short and after only 2 to 3 months the roller needed to be reground.

Using Asmaprene it is possible to increase the contact pressure as the material is extremely flexible and elastic.

Now, the service/lifetime of the product is up to 5 months and sometimes even more.


Using Asmaprene it is possible to increase the contact pressure as the material is extremely flexible and elastic.
Christa Göschl

Product information

Varnishing rollers, Shore hardness 10°A

PUR elastomer is as soft as velvet but with a defined elastic force that allows the application of varnish even on pronounced undercuts. The formulation is based on a specially rolled-out prepolymer that is hardened using an organic compound from the group of alcohols and the appropriate plasticizer and filling material. This enables us to produce an extremely soft polyurethane with excellent resistance to various solvents and coatings.