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1:7, this is the current ratio in the apprentice training at asma. At present, one female and seven male trainees receive a profound education to build careers as plastics engineers, plastics shapers, cutting machine operators or as toolmaking technicians.

The interview with the young specialists:

Verena Mayrhofer: „Personally, I chose to carve out a career as a toolmaking technician since this job is very rich in variety. My interest for a craftsman profession developed early. My colleagues and me come along very well, this is why we cooperate so perfectly. At the moment my tasks are: Filing, thread cutting (chasing), cutting materials and scanning orders. I am happy to have the opportunity to work at asma because the company is very close to where I live.”

Stefan Müller: “The diversity of application of polyurethane (PUR) as well as the varied tasks are the aspects, I like the most about my job. I chose this skilled trade since it is future-oriented. The collegiality, my colleagues´ friendliness and their sense of responsibility are things that I value a lot.”

Fabian Mayer: “I chose to be trained as a toolmaking technician since I am fond of working with different metals. My current tasks are drilling, filing, building and rebuilding moulds, thread cutting and cutting materials for milling. Working at asma is great since I get along well with my colleagues and the tasks are easy for me.”

Julian Decker: “I am currently trained as a plastics shaper. Plastics is a material which is an integral part of today´s life and diversified in application. I like the tasks in this job. I am very happy about my choice to become a plastics shaper.”

Fabian Tastl: “What I value the most about my job is the variation and diversity of processing possibilities of plastics. I think that my job has a future since especially the moulding is difficult to be replaced by machines. It is interesting, what is possible with plastics. Every day, I am confronted with new challenges! “

Nico Gschiel: “I work at asma with great pleasure because this job is very fascinating to me. Moreover, I appreciate that asma supports their employees and trainees and also undertakes something with us. Among other things, the working hours are well-divided.”

Matteo Schneider: “My colleagues are very important to me, since they are helpful and cheerful which contributes to a good working atmosphere. With my skilled trade in this company, you should not be afraid of heat because most of the materials are heated to 100 °C. This is not a problem for me because I have always been passionate about plastics and what you can do with it. The one thing I like the most about my job is that I can always gain additional knowledge after my apprenticeship.”

Dominik Zeilinger: “The moulding in Wultschau is the thing I like best about my job because you can do this task more calmly there since there are less people working at one moulding machine. I think, the most interesting part of my apprenticeship is the development: you learn a lot about the machine, e.g.: how to create a formula, changing the machine settings and much more.”