An article by Mario Weninger – asma sales

For some years now, many signposts in the European economy point in the direction of Hungary. The low burden of taxes compared to West- and Middle-European countries, the low cost of wages and the proximity are some reasons why more and more companies choose to establish in Hungary.

The automotive industry, including the ancillary industry, iron and aluminium processors, packaging manufacturers, as well as wood and furniture companies are only some examples for businesses recognizing new opportunities. Wear is a problem, wherever large scale production takes place. Perfect circumstances for implementing the material Polyurethane. It´s been five years now, that companies all over Hungary trust in the qualities of Asma GmbH.

As a leading producer of Polyurethane, we want to be involved, wherever something is turning. With the help of our sales partner on site, we create a network of contacts to establish our company in many different industries.

Logistics is another big challenge since we always have to work under scarcity of time because the products are all subject to wear. The tightening of the production process as well as a weekly transport route leads to a shrinking distance between the location of production and the market being served.


„As a leading producer of Polyurethane, we want to be involved, wherever something is turning“.
Mario Weninger

Did you know?


Polyurethanes differ from natural or synthetic rubber in a number of special features, such as:

  • outstanding wear- and abrasion resistance
  • high tensile strength
  • good damping and resilience
  • high tear resistance
  • good electrical properties
  • high resistance to mineral oil and fuel
  • high rebound elasticity over the full hardness range