The growth of a prosperous company always implies change, movement, reversal, alternation and also transformation. Longtime employees at asma can help shape the development process and see it unfold. Frieda Klopf is one of them. Back then, in the 80s, when Max Aspelmayr founded the company in his garage to produce the first prototypes made from polyurethane, the requirements were completely different. It´s been 34 years now, that Frieda learned how to operate the lathe completing a course in Sigmundsherberg and she subsequently found a job at asma, which was still located in Wultschau at that time. “I like the products made from polyurethane with all their facets and peculiarities,” Frieda Klopf says. She has acquired a lot of intuition, instinct and a personal technique to shape the plastic parts as requested using the lathe. “Working independently, esteem, collegiality and a workplace left tidy and clean are very important to me. Should one part not be as desired, doing the job with joy would be way more difficult.”

A professional goal and motivation at the same time, “Enhancing processing techniques and contributing personally as to keep the reject rate as low as possible.”

Working independently, esteem, collegiality and a workplace left tidy and clean are very important to me„. 

Frieda Klopf