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The representatives of the Chamber of Labor and Chamber of Commerce gladly accepted the invitation, as in previous years, to honor the long-standing employees together with the management of asma from Weitra. In the picture at the front: Labor district office manager Michael Preissl, Franz Kitzler (35 years), Ing. Claudia Steininger (Chief Sales officer), Alois Klopf (15 years), Veronika Wurm (20 years), Martin Artner (20 years), Marina Weiss (15years), Gerhard Hobiger (30 years), Chamber of Commerce district office manager Ing. Peter Weissenböck, Jakob Schuster (10 years); 2nd row: Sascha Schmid (10 years), Christian Haslinger (25 years), Patrick Kreindl (10 years), Alexander Gill (years), Ing. Thomas Brandeis (Chief Technology Officer), Elfiede Feiler (10 years), Jürgen Layer (20 years), Rainer Poiss (25 years), Markus Burger (15 years).