Opportunities can be found in the midst of difficulties” (Albert Einstein) and we at asma know how to use this opportunity.

Supposing that the vacuum grippers are in constant use, a very fast wearing of the device can be expected. Wear, a problem, which asma can easily solve having a wide range of different material systems at our disposal for our customers. Eventually, the material Asmaprene was chosen, which promises an excellent resistance to many different kinds of stress. Can the material keep what its properties promise? In this case, the facts speak for themselves:

In the past, grippers were equipped with foam rubber which exhibited a service life of a maximum of two weeks, meaning that the machine was subject to maintenance works every two weeks. Time is money and therefore, such a low resistance to wear constitutes an enormous cost factor for many companies working with vacuum grippers. Our vacuum mats made from Asmacell foam can be used for at least six to eight months without any problems, which reduces the time, in which the machine does not operate, significantly.

Vacuum grippers are available in many different designs and are applicable accordingly. Besides the timber industry, vacuum grippers can also be found in many other application areas. For instance, they are used for glued, multi-layer facing tiles. The many different sizes of grippers, which are available on the market, allow the device to grab and stack several components at once.

Currently, we offer various mat sizes:

  • Vacuum mat 3402x400x10 mm
  • Vacuum mat 3402x400x15 mm
  • Vacuum mat 2825x500x15 mm
  • Vacuum mat 1345x200x15 mm
  • Vacuum mat 585x200x15 mm

„Many factors need to be taken into account. Not only the right ratio of components is important. Even the outside temperature and the humidity have a big impact“.
Christa Göschl – asma sales