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A few weeks ago, Franz Kitzler was honoured as the first employee, since the foundation of the company 39 years ago, with 35 years at asma Weitra. This also meant a change on a personal level since Kitzler went into his well-deserved retirement at the same time. “It always depends on the corresponding perspective”, the fledgling retiree is convinced. Concerning changes and perspectives: 14 years ago, he ventured the step to find a very unique way of viewing the world. After an information event at the flight school, he registered for a training quite spontaneously. This was the time, his passion for flying was awakened. Ever since, he has been commuting to the airfield close to Freistadt every second week on average.

Over and over again, it is a very special and fascinating feeling of freedom and you get to see your surroundings from a different perspective, which is only possible to experience from an airplane!”


„It always depends on the corresponding perspective“.
Franz Kitzler