Data is also called the gold of the 21st century nowadays. Back in the days, data was mostly only available in analogous formats such as phone books, lexica and specialized books. Today, however, a large part of it is available in digital formats and thus very popular.

How important data is in these days becomes apparent when analyzing how many hacker attacks there are. Some of the latest examples from Austria shall be mentioned here: Attacks of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and A1 Telecommunications. (The dark figure, however, is quite high as well).

Also in our company, data is of very high importance. Without the help of data, there would be no IT-system (such as APplus) since data is required for almost every activity in a company such as:

  • Calling a business partner (name, address, phone number)
  • Writing a proposal (address, product, prices, …)
  • Creating a production order/manufacturing document (stock lists, operating schedules, …)
  • Calculating an order or product (material costs, working hours, …)
  • Ordering a product (address, product, price)
  • Creating a delivery note
  • And many more…

However, also for planning and forecasting (material, personnel, investments) data is of uttermost importance. Briefly speaking, without data, nothing would work. The more precise the data is, the better the forecast. 

Marina Weiss – asma EDV

Also in our company, data is of very high importance„.
Marina Weiss