In a series of blog posts, we briefly introduce our newly built production areas: DRUM WAREHOUSE

One of the main objectives of the building construction was the construction of a new barrel storage facility for polyurethane raw materials and a further one for flammable liquids, both with sufficient storage capacity and the highest safety standards. Both were planned and built on the ground floor.

Our fire event in February 2016 had demonstrated the importance that in the caset of a fire, firefighters do not have to enter the smoked building, but can carry out firefighting from outside. For this reason, a permanently installed extinguishing system was considered for from the beginning of planning in addition to the statutory fire protection measures. In the case of a fire, extinguishing foam can be introduced separately via the tank fire trucks for both barrel warehouse. Sufficient extinguishing water is available through an underground water reservoir with 360,000 litres, which is also newly built in the building. Sufficient fire-fighting foam concentrate is stored at the volunteer fire brigade of Weitra. This allows the fire brigade to completely flood the barrel warehouses with fire-fighting foam.

Many of our polyurethane raw materials are manufactured on our behalf by our suppliers and are not standard products in stock there. The delivery times are therefore also corresponding. During the Corona lockdown, our strategy of stocking sufficient raw materials was confirmed. We were able to process our orders without delay.