2:6, this is the current ratio in the apprentice training at asma. At present, 2 female and 6 male trainees receive a profound education to build careers as plastics engineers, plastics shapers, cutting machine operators or as toolmaking technicians.

The interview with the young specialists:

Verena Mayrhofer: „Personally, I chose to carve out a career as a toolmaking technician since this job is very rich in variety. My interest for a craftsman profession developed early. My colleagues and me come along very well, this is why we cooperate so perfectly. At the moment my tasks are: filing, thread cutting (chasing), cutting materials and scanning orders. I am happy to have the opportunity to work at asma because the company is very close to where I live.”

Fabian Mayer: “I chose to be trained as a toolmaking technician since I am fond of working with different metals. My current tasks are: drilling, filing, building and rebuilding moulds, thread cutting and cutting materials for milling. Working at asma is great since I get along well with my colleagues and the tasks are easy for me.”

Julian Decker: “I am currently trained as a plastics shaper. Plastics is a material which is an integral part of today´s life and diversified in application. I like the tasks in this job. I am very happy about my choice to become a plastics shaper.”

Nico Gschiel: „I enjoy working at Asma as an apprentice to a plastic moulder because I really enjoy the work and, above all, the job is very interesting. The working atmosphere and the working environment are also very pleasant because everything is explained. The nice thing about it is that this job is something special as it is not a traditional job like e.g. is a bricklayer or an electrician“.

Lukas Altmann: „I enjoy working at Asma because I am fascinated by everything that can be made from plastics. I also opted for the plastics technology apprenticeship because I get along well with my work colleagues and because I enjoy my work. Furthermore, the working hours are well divided“.

Bernhard Wagner: „I decided to train as a plastics technician because it is very extensive and plastics will continue to be in great demand in the future. In addition, the working atmosphere is very good thanks to the friendly work colleagues. Otherwise, I think the working hours are set up excellently“.

Melanie Schaffer: „I chose the apprenticeship as a toolmaking technician because I like working with metal and I used to enjoy screwing things together. I feel at home in the mold making team because my work colleagues are very nice and helpful. The working hours are perfect because you still have a lot of free time“.

Jonas Troll: „The Asma company offers a good training opportunity for a dual apprenticeship in plastics technology and tool making. The work colleagues are very helpful and this creates a strong bond“.