Asma is one of the winners of the Lower Austrian state competition „Family-friendly company 2020“

Asma Weitra has established a good position on the world market with innovative products made of polyurethane over the past 40 years. The best advice, the best product, tailor-made and individual solutions are the recipe for success. Appreciation, be it towards customers or employees, is an important factor in all areas. That is why asma owner Ing.Claudia Steiniger is particularly pleased about the 3rd place in the category `large companies` at the Lower Austrian state competition family-friendly company 2020:“ Our goal is to find a good balance between profitable business and a humane work situation in to create a modern, state-of-the-art company ”.

Caption: Award for the Lower Austrian state competition „Family-friendly company“ LR Teschl-Hofmeister and WKNÖ President Wolfgang Ecker selected the winners. In the picture with asma owner Ing.Claudia Steininger. Photo: Daniela Matejschek