Polyurethane elastomers are related to the various rubber elastomers and therefore in many cases compete with each other for roll coverings. Until now, however, polyurethane roll coverings for standard applications were considered as expensive compared to rubber roll coverings. 

With Asmathane® we have now a PU quality in the range for roll coverings, which combines the excellent mechanical properties of polyurethane with comparatively low raw material and manufacturing costs.

Asmathane® is characterized by its excellent mechanical properties. Especially due to the excellent abrasion resistance, very high tear resistance and very good resistance to alcohols, solvents, mineral oils and fats.

Roll coverings made of Asmathane® are available in the hardness range of 60-95 Shore A and can be used for both, new-and re-coatings. It is suitable for operating temperatures up to 80°C in continuous operation and up to 100°C at short-term.

Get a comparison offer for your transport rollers, feed rollers, deflection rollers, press rolls, brake rollers, conveyor rollers, drive rollers, etc.! Especially in economically challenging times, it is worth looking outside the box.

Sales manager Mario Weninger