For asma founder Maximilian (Max) Aspelmayr, 20, 40, 80 are very concise numbers on his life so far. On the occasion of his 80th birthday, we would like to review a few important stations. „Freedom“ to implement your own ideas was one of the reasons why Max Aspelmayr left the renowned company Semperit, based in Linz, in 1977 after 15 years. Even as a nine-year-old boy he felt a strong desire for freedom when he secretly rode his bike from Linz to Gmunden in order to successfully climb the Traunstein. “The hut owner discovered me and offered me a summer job for several years. In winter I earned my pocket money on the Feuerkogel ”, remembers the enthusiastic mountaineer. Speaking of the hut: after the collaboration at Semperit ended, Max Alspelmayr had to wait three years before he was able to set up a small workshop in a private house in Wultschau exactly 40 years ago and manufacture the first plastic parts made of polyurethane. He used this time to prepare for founding the company. In order to support the family, he and his wife ran the Dümlerhütte near Linz.

From 1980 onwards, Max Aspelmayr expanded his business in Wultschau from a one-man workshop to a company with 50 employees before handing it over to the next generation in 2000. With that, exactly 20 years had passed to take the well-deserved „retirement“.

The retired expert for rollers and wheels proved to be in good physical shape not only as an entrepreneur. Physically and mentally fit, he can proudly tell on his jubilee day that he climbed a 4000 meter altitude difference this summer. Max Aspelmayr spends three months a year in the mountains. He was able to see the landscape from the summit cross of the Traunstein about 600 times. He saw more than 40 of the 80 mountains with an altitude of over 4000 meters in Europe, along with many other mountains from above. His highest mountain ascent was the Mont Blanc with 4810 m between France and Italy. “I have visited many European cities and mountains. The two characteristics of modesty and satisfaction were always the basic recipe for a happy life for people in the mountains, regardless of whether they were in France, Italy or Austria“, Max Aspelmayr sums up.

Gerhard Steininger (Purchasing), Ing. Claudia Steininger(Chief Sales officer),
Max Aspelmayr (founder), Ing. Thomas Brandeis (Chief Technology Officer)