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Easy Pren paint and oil application rollers

Varnishing rollers, Shore hardness 8°A

By Christa Göschl, member of the asma sales department

An important pillar for the Austrian company with almost 140 employees is the manufacture of extremely resilient oil and paint application rollers.

For the production of parquet and vinyl floors, furniture and MDF board products, application and varnishing roller coatings made of polyurethane, which have been specially developed for this area, are available under the brand name EasyPren®.  These are used for the application of paints and oils on workpieces with flat, profiles, radii or chamfers. (see info box) “Thanks to constant further development, we have been able to achieve great progress in the quality and productivity of surface coating for our customers in recent years. This was awarded with Austrian innovation award in 2018,”explains sales representative Christa Göschl.

The right choice of material, a decisive factor in application and coating roller coatings

These roller coatings are usually offered on the basis of rubber materials (EPDM or NBR). However, the right choice of material is crucial for a satisfactory result. Polyurethane differs from the rubber materials mentioned in the following special features: Excellent wear and cut resistance, very high resilience, high elasticity and excellent resistance to paints, solvents and oils. “High resistance to edge marks, the possibility of painting profiled and structured workpieces, as well as oil and solvent resistance were the different demands customers placed on the material for the roller coatings. Based on our decades of experience with roller coating systems in the coil coating sector, asma further developed the polyurethane formulations in accordance with customer requirements from the wood industry. Extensive test series, resistance tests and adjustments ultimately led to promising painting results. Customers were extremely pleasantly surprised by the results. The new roller coatings under the EasyPren® brand are extremely malleable and at the same time very resistant, produce an excellent coating quality and reduce maintenance intensity, as the roller does not have to be changed when switching between oils and coating systems. We are particularly proud of the latest development, application and paint roller coating with a hardness of 8°Shore A, which amazes customers“, says Christa Göschl and is pleased with the innovative, in-house research and development department. In addition to the application and coating rollers, asma also produces coatings for glue application rollers. These are available as highly wear-resistant versions in the hardness range of 53—80 ° Shore A. The grooves necessary to achieve a precise amount of glue are applied accordingly to customer specifications. “In order to meet customer requirements, the range of glue application rollers has also been expanded. This is XtraFlex®, a two-component roller coating with a highly deformable base and a wear-resistant polyurethane coating. This means that glue can now also be applied to contoured workpieces,” explains sales representative Christa Göschl.

Using Asmaprene it is possible to increase the contact pressure as the material is extremely flexible and elastic.
Christa Göschl

Product information

Varnishing rollers, Shore hardness 8°A

PUR elastomer is as soft as velvet but with a defined elastic force that allows the application of varnish even on pronounced undercuts. The formulation is based on a specially rolled-out prepolymer that is hardened using an organic compound from the group of alcohols and the appropriate plasticizer and filling material. This enables us to produce an extremely soft polyurethane with excellent resistance to various solvents and coatings.