Apprenticeship is not the last step after school, but the first step towards further training,” the two asma apprentice trainers Jennifer Stütz and Bernhard Neunteufel agree on. That is why they would like to give all young apprentices an important personal message along the way: “Remember, every small step takes you further and further. Why not start this step in your teaching? „

For Jennifer Stütz (toolmaking technician and machining technician) and Bernhard Neunteufel (plastics technician and plastic moulder), several factors are important for a good start to their professional lives. In addition to an interest in technology and craftsmanship, a suitable attitude towards teaching is also required. “Changing role thinking is a very important point. Everyone should receive the best possible support in their interests and talents ”, says Jennifer Stütz and reports from experience:“ The possibilities in combination with an apprenticeship are very diverse. Just like the double apprenticeship, the apprenticeship with graduation (“Matura”) is now well received ”. Masterclasses or courses on subject-specific topics also offer a good opportunity to improve professional advancement opportunities. Bernhard Neunteufel says: „The aim must be to lead the company into a good future with well-trained specialists“.