Our customized products made of PUR elastomers can be found in almost all branches of industry and commerce. Components to protect surfaces, against abrasion, for moving, transporting, lifting, under dynamic or static load, for sieving, stripping, sorting, in wire sawing machines, assembly lines …

Many of our products are rollers, wheels and cylinders for applications with the highest requirements in terms of material, surface quality, diameter- and concentricity tolerance.

In addition to the special mechanical properties of polyurethane, there are many processing options for machine-building and precision mechanics. 

Regardless of the quantities, whether producing single pieces, small series or high quantities for complex plants – the variety of applications is as broad as the variety of products that can be manufactured and each one is tailored to the sector’s demand.

Precision rollers in large and very large quantities are manufactured at asma in a partially automated and fully automated production method. This procedure ensures enormous reproducibility.

There is also the option of mounting attachment parts such as ball bearings, circlips and axles with the greatest possible effectiveness.

We produce coatings on rolls, wheels and cylinders, customized for your application.

We also offer a wide range of highly resilient and wear resistant PUR formulations with additional special chemical resistance, electrical conductivity, with flame-retardant equipment and much more.

Our technical sales team is looking forward to receiving your requests.

Mario Weninger – Chief Sales officer