Reconciling family life and one’s career is possible when working at asma. While managing her family with two boys perfectly, Verena Binder also successfully completed her examination to operate the CNC machine correctly. Moreover, she is eager to be able to improve herself further in the future.

I am happy, that asma offers those possibilities and also supports me as a young mother.”

For a few years now, Verena Binder has been working at the CNC machine. Before, she was involved in many different departments at asma and therefore she knows the entire production process. Now, she works in another important department: “Grinding, small components”. The name already suggests that it is important to work as precisely as possible, because the smallest mistakes may lead to quite undesirable outcomes. Especially, the feed and the setting depth depend on experience when processing plastics since there are hardly any standard values. Two of the fundamental challenges are the avoidance of heat development and the optimal, economic processing in this case, which demand absolute precision.