At the beginning of March, Minister Susanne Raab presented Asma Weitra with the family and work certificate. Since 2011, a group of around 20-25 employees comes together to implement the most varied of projects on the subject of family and work together. The event is coordinated by Nicole Decker: “When we decided a few years ago to take part in the certification of family and work, we became aware of the large number of projects and measures that we are already implementing. However, the certification process gave our activities a clear structure ”. A constructive exchange between the departments and the employees began. This resulted in new ideas, measures and the evaluation of the needs followed. „Our motivation for this was and is primarily that every employee at asma is allowed to be human“, summarizes the company owner, Ing.Claudia Steininger, the initiator of the initiative.

Certification theme from 2017-2020: Support in caring for relatives

“Lately we have paid special attention to the area of ​​’health-promoting measures and care‘. We would like to achieve relief at the interface between work and caring for relatives. An internal survey and open dialogue resulted in trust and openness on this topic as well. Specifically, we try to provide support when a need for care occurs in the family by individually adjusting the working hours,” says Nicole Decker.

Image of the award of the certificate: © Harald Schlossko

The certificate was awarded online in 2021:

On March 5th, Family Minister Susanne Raab honored 80 Austrian companies and universities for their commitment to a better work-life balance. As part of the ceremonial awarding of the “Family-friendly Employers 2020” certificate, the minister awarded the state quality mark berufundfamilie as well as hochschuleundfamilie to family-friendly companies and institutions.

“The berufundfamilie and hochschuleundfamilie certifications are important positive incentives for companies that offer their employees and students the opportunity to better combine family and work. The employers awarded today are exemplary in their efforts to develop and implement family-friendly measures in the company. And as Minister for Women, too, it is important to me that a better compatibility is promoted. Because it is a central element for equality between women and men,” emphasized Raab.


The family and work audit is a management tool for companies that want to improve their work-life balance.
asma has been awarded the state quality mark for family-friendliness at work since 2011.
We strive to achieve a good balance between work and family life, whether that is looking after children or people in need of care.

Projects already implemented:

  • Employee benefits
  • Flexible working hours (vacation planning)
  • Large selection of training and further education
  • discounts in the surrounding shops / companies
  • Once a month there is a „healthy snack“
  • Family Days
  • Health promotion