Vulkollan is mainly known as coverings of high-quality wheels, molded parts and semi-finished products for mechanical further processing. Less known is that Vulkollan is also used as roller coverings.

Vulkollan roller coverings are used wherever maximum wear resistance, load capacity and service life are required. These roll coverings combine very good properties in cutting and tear resistance, high possible line loads and abrasion resistance and enable high dynamic stress. Our customers appreciate the advantages of Vulkollan roller coverings. In such cases, the more expensive material costs are outweighed by significantly longer operating times and thus reduced maintenance efforts.

Vulkollan roller coverings are offered in the hardnesses 85, 92 and 95 Shore A. The rolls are used in the production of carbon fibers, steel, metal goods, wood and pulp industries.

Vulkollan is a registered trademark of Covestro AG.