A career jump from apprentice to order processing, to sales, as a team leader in production, the transfer of acquired knowledge as an apprentice trainer or to the research and development team is the desired goal for many young specialists after their training at asma.
With interest, commitment and diligence, the wish – with or without an apprenticeship with high school diploma – can be easily realized at asma. However, even as a competent and reliable specialist, you will find interesting challenges and various opportunities for specialization at asma.


Here are a few examples of a successful career with an apprenticeship:

Plastics technician Johannes Prinz (casting), toolmaking technician Jakob Schuster (mold making) and the trained plastics processor Jürgen Kettinger (order processing) have found an interesting and varied area of responsibility as team leader after their apprenticeship at asma. Coordination between the casting, mold making, order processing, operations management, quality assurance and colleagues, as well as the corresponding specialist skills, are particularly the tasks here.

 Lateral entrants such as Klaus Ranftl and Bernhard Neunteufel (both trained carpenters) have successfully completed the relevant advanced training to become a plastic mold maker. Klaus Ranftl accepted the challenge as a team leader for the automation system. Bernhard Neunteufel, together with Jennifer Stütz (Apprenticeship with high school diploma as a toolmaking technician at asma and subsequent training as a foreman in mechanical engineering and automation), has taken on responsibility for the apprenticeship training.

An apprenticeship is a very good foundation for an individual professional career. It offers an excellent combination of theoretical and practical expertise. Markus Göschl (double apprenticeship at asma as a toolmaking technician and plastic moulder in the form of an apprenticeship with high school diploma), Alexander Herzog (apprenticeship at asma as a plastic moulder with subsequent masterclass for plastic technology) and Reinhard Haumer (also an apprenticeship at asma as a plastic moulder with international experience at a Slovak partner company) has worked out a good position for special applications in-house.