It’s hard to believe that Rainer († 9.12.2021) is no longer with us.

He was and remains a part of asma, and his work has made him part of the company’s genes forever. Even in his short life he has created and shaped his environment in a way that few succeed.

His path at asma began in 1994, at that time still in Wultschau, as a trained toolmaker on the lathe. When it came time to apply for the ISO certificate, he recognized his opportunity, acquired the necessary knowledge in many courses and purposefully pushed ahead with the development of quality assurance.

Then already in Weitra at the beginning of the 2000s, the development of new materials became more and more an issue. Based on the experience from quality management, it was again Rainer who worked hard on this topic with diligence, perseverance and great curiosity in order to set up and operate a systematic material development.

Over the years his expertise has become an indispensable component, as a member of the management team, as a consultant and expert on large customer projects, as a source of ideas for new production processes, and practically involved in all company processes thanks to his extensive knowledge.

A hobbyhorse, apart from polyurethane, was social media and the internet. Like all of his tasks and projects, he followed the positioning of asma on the web and the best possible Google ranking with great interest and determination.

Over the years he had also built up an incredible network of contacts in the industry, many of whom had now become personal friends.

His calm manner certainly contributed to this, never an angry or even loud word, always trying to find a balance and a possible solution.

And what defines the true greatness of a person is the willingness to share this knowledge, the experience. In the meantime, at his instigation, a new generation has grown up under his wing, which will carry on the ideas in the sense of Rainer.

Is there an everlasting life? Not in the sense that we will walk forever with our bodies on this globe. But what Rainer has created in his short life, not only, but especially for asma, will endure well beyond an earthly human life.

Rainer Poiss († 9.12.2021)