The invention of the wheel can be traced back more than 5000 years and it is impossible to imagine our society without it. The areas of application are becoming more versatile and the loads higher. Appropriate analysis methods enable us to offer and develop technically advanced polyurethane materials with good dynamic and mechanical properties for wheels and rollers.
DI Dr.techn Patrick Steinbauer – asma development department

DI Dr.techn Patrick Steinbauer

High dynamic loads often push standard PU materials to their limits. To ensure that our polyurethane products meet the high demands in various applications, they can be tested on our renewed wheel test machines.

The feasibility of different speed and load settings allows heavy duty rollers and eccentric rollers to be analyzed in real time data collection. The constitution of the wheel covering (polyurethane coating) and hub has a strong effect on stress and temperature conditions. With some polyurethanes, external and internal friction often results in increased temperature stress and associated destruction of the covering. However, other compositions show much less abrasion and good dynamic properties.

On our wheel testing machines, the load and speed of polyurethane-coated eccentric and heavy-duty rollers can be increased stepwise until the material is destroyed. Thus, the mechanical dynamic load limit, maximum load, wear resistance and the adhesive bond between polyurethane covering and metal core can be examined more precisely.

These tests help our quality control to verify the optimal performance of our materials and are an important building block for development of new products.

We are looking forward to accurately test our polyurethane materials matched to your applications.


A Report of DI Dr.techn Patrick Steinbauer – asma development department

wheel dynamometer - asma plastics technology PUR

Gerald Sautner, Verena Mayrhofer, Marlene Höbarth and Martin Artner (Team Quality Management)