Vulkollan® is one of the oldest and best-known polyurethane elastomers on the market and has proven itself in many fields of application. To many it is simply a synonym for polyurethanes in general.

Vulkollan® is used in numerous applications. It is best known as a coating for highly stressed wheels and rollers, heavy-duty wheels, drive wheels or roller coatings. Thereby Vulkollan® convinces with maximum resilience, abrasion resistance and thus a long service life.

Due to the combination of outstanding properties, such as high abrasion resistance, very high flexural strength and very low permanent deformation (compression set), Vulkollan® is also suitable for many other applications. It can also be used to produce heavy-duty parts such as springs, bumpers, counter-punched linings and other technical molded parts.

At asma we process Vulkollan® in a hardness range of 65 up to 95 Shore A as a compact elastomer. Decades of experience in the processing of polyurethanes in combination with the latest processing equipment and know-how in mechanical processing enable us to produce even complex components with tight tolerance specifications.

Vulkollan® is a registered trademark of Covestro AG. As a licensee of the Vulkollan® brand, asma is authorized to sell polyurethane products made from Desmodur 15 with the designation „made of Vulkollan“.

We would be happy to manufacture your products from Vulkollan®.

A Report of Mario Weninger – asma s
ales manager

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