Under the motto „Learn from the experts“, colleagues and external persons are involved in the apprenticeship training in order to optimally prepare the apprentices for their professional life as skilled workers.

If material science, mechanical engineering, English, learning techniques or mathematics – the specialist knowledge imparted here is just as diverse as the products from asma.

Jennifer Stütz: Metal technology - asma GmbH

The apprentice trainer Jennifer Stütz is responsible for the basic training for all apprenticeships at asma (plastics molding, plastics technology, toolmaking technology, machining technology and construction) and overall coordination. Practical training is particularly important to her.

Patrick Steinbauer: Chemistry - asma GmbH

The chemist Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Patrick Steinbauer brings the world of chemistry closer to the apprentices. Here, questions about material properties, chemical compositions, etc. are clarified in individual and group lessons.

Reinhard Haumer: Material - asma GmbH

Specialist colleague Reinhard Haumer shows the skilled workers of tomorrow other aspects of materials science. Finding the right mixing ratios is one of the many issues.

Matteo Schneider: Final Apprenticeship Exam - asma GmbH

In the last year of training, foundry colleague Matteo Schneider prepares the apprentices for the final apprenticeship exam in individual lessons.

Alexander Herzog: Injection Moulding - asma GmbH

Alexander Herzog from the development department passes on his expertise on injection molding and other technical topics. He also provides the necessary specialist knowledge for the final apprenticeship examination.

Adele Brandeis: Mathematics - asma GmbH

Several weeks before the start of a vocational school cycle, in regular individual / small group lessons with the mathematician Dipl.-Ing. Adele Brandeis the most important topics of applied mathematics are repeated, consolidated and learned. If required, learning coaching can also take place in individual lessons.

Alexandra Badstöber-Kahl: English - asma GmbH

In order to make the young trainees fit for the international market, there are English lessons once a week for each department (plastics technology, toolmaking technology). Here, the external educator Mag. Alexandra Badstöger-Kahl teaches the most important technical terms and language skills.


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