What is our office of the future? In which environment do we want to work in the next few years? What do we need in order to be able to carry out our activities effectively and in a pleasant atmosphere? These are the central questions that a group of employees is currently dealing with.

In line with the corporate culture of asma, employees are included in decisions about their future working environment. At the beginning, the management defined key data that should be taken into account. The elaboration of the details and the basic concept is now in the hands of the employees.

After the expansion of the production hall, the office space is now being expanded, restructured and redesigned. Together with the two consultants Maria Klampfl and Christoph Müller-Thiede from M.O.O.CON, six representatives of the respective departments develop a concept in several workshops that is intended to bring people and objects into harmony. The aim is to create for everyone a working environment which suits their activities. But great importance is also attached to the careful use of resources, a feel-good atmosphere in the lounges and modern equipment in the meeting rooms.

In the first workshop, all activities of the employees were collected and structured. It was also considered which rooms are currently missing and should be taken into account in the planning.

asma Kunststofftechnik PUR
A study trip to companies whose offices were planned in cooperation with M.O.O.CON rounds off the project. Here the project group can be inspired and get to know new office concepts.

The project group is unanimous: “We are pleased that we can have a say in our future working environment. We are in a very positive mood and look forward to the next steps.”

A report of Dipl.-Ing. Adele Brandeis (Data Analyst, software development)