Our rollers and wheels show high driving comfort on different surfaces

Through decades of experience and in exchange with our long-term customers, we can rely on a large portfolio of polyurethane formulations for wheels and roller coverings with excellent properties. From Asmaprene to Vulkollan – we cater specifically to your requirements and offer a tailor-made system for high driving comfort.

Rollers and wheels from asma impress with their excellent cut and tear resistance as well as abrasion resistance. With high load capacity and durability, we can perform PU systems of high dynamics. The roller resistance is kept low and thus our rollers and wheels run quietly on different surfaces.

The high quality of our high-performance products is attributable not only to our customized formulations, but also to our highly qualified and motivated employees.

„I like polyurethane products with all their facets and peculiarities,“ says Frieda Klopf. She has acquired a lot of intuition, tact and a „personal“ technique to give PU parts the desired shape on the turning lathe. „Independent work, appreciation, collegiality and a clean workplace left behind are very important to me. If a part is not right, then it is of course much more difficult to do the work with pleasure.“

Professional goal and motivation at the same time: „Developing machining techniques together and thus making a personal contribution so that the reject rate can be kept as low as possible“.

Our polyurethane coverings can be combined with different types of wheel bodies and show good adhesion to the metals. In addition to the very good mechanical properties, our wheels also have high resistance to oils, greases, various solvents and hot water.

Wheels and rollers from asma are also put through their paces on our wheel testing stand. More about this in our blog post https://asma.polyurethane.at/2022/02/09/das-rad-am-pruefstand/

We move with the wheel of time and try to find new innovative solutions and products.

We would like to inform you about our rollers and wheels. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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A Report of DI Dr.techn Patrick Steinbauer – asma development department