The order processing at asma Weitra could be described as the central point for a smooth process in the production chain. Jürgen Ketteringer has the necessary overview in this area. A well-structured organization and modern software-supported planning are important factors in Jürgen Kettinger’s everyday work.

Jürgen Kettinger

order processing

The trained plastics technician (apprenticeship at asma) has been leading the six-person order processing team for several years and is convinced: „As monotonous as the process sounds, it is much more varied than you think!“

DI (FH) Baumgartner Rainer - asma Research & Development
  • When I get to work, I check my dashboard. Here I look at the delivery dates that were not delivered the day before;
  • I then check the orders for missing data. I either correct them myself or forward them to my OP team colleagues.
  • Then I take a close look at the list of late orders for each individual department in preparation for the shop floor tour. Duration depending on the number 25-50 minutes. (see also: „Control of production processes with „shop floor management“).
  • Afterwards, I start my tour in production and give the orders from the day before to the respective team leader for processing.
  • The shop floor tour starts at 09:00. This is usually done after 45 minutes.
  • Depending on what happens during the process meeting, I process the information myself or forward it to the responsible department.
  • When I’m not on the phone, answering emails, or in a meeting, I’m preparing production orders.

As already mentioned above:
„As monotonous as the process sounds, it is much more varied than you think!“


Whether you are particularly skilled with your hands, a tinkerer, a number juggler, acrobat with words, a talent for negotiation, … – everyone will find the right place at asma. But what job profiles are there in a production company as diverse as asma? Employees present their „job description“ from their very personal point of view in order to give a small insight into their varied everyday work. Other job descriptions will follow in the coming weeks.