Our new apprenticeship website 👉 lehre.asma.at – information portal for students, parents and teachers

(Report & Website Design: Elisabeth Herynek, Kreativassistenz)

More and more people are recognizing the value of practical, technical training to become a sought-after specialist for girls and boys. Parents want their children to learn a future-proof profession in an exciting work environment. And children and young people hope to be able to develop their talents and potential in the best possible way. asma offers the perfect conditions for this.

In our company, we have always attached great importance to our apprentices and their training. So it is high time to provide interested students, parents and teachers with a comprehensive information portal.

Take your chance!😊

You can now find all the information you need about apprenticeships and careers at asma on our new apprenticeship website 👉 lehre.asma.at. We present our company and the possible job profiles and provide information about the possibility of a taster and company tours through to the application process as well as the apprenticeship period, opportunities, salary and goodies.

An apprenticeship with a high school diploma or an apprenticeship from the age of 18 is becoming increasingly popular. Both are of course possible with us and we are happy about everyone who dares to take this step with us and offer the best possible support.

We would particularly like to encourage young girls and women to complete their training at asma and start their careers. We already have many great role models in the team, which we will introduce to you!

We look forward to your visit, online on our new website or offline – find out more about careers with an apprenticeship at asma!

Take your chance! Your apprenticeship at asma😊