Vulkollan® is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is best known as a coating for highly stressed wheels and castors. But it doesn’t always have to be round components where Vulkollan® is the ideal coating material.

Due to the generally highest mechanical resilience, Vulkollan® is also an excellent material for many other areas of application. Vulkollan® is also excellently suited as a coating for technical applications in industrial plants and machines, chemically bonded when poured onto metal surfaces. The combination of outstanding properties such as the highest abrasion resistance, tensile strength, tear propagation resistance and the very low permanent deformation (compression set) make Vulkollan® the most reliable elastomer on the market.

Vulkollan®, undoubtedly the best-known polyurethane elastomer on the market, has proven itself in many fields of application and is generally considered a synonym for polyurethanes. At asma we process Vulkollan® in the hardness range 65 to 95 Shore A as a compact elastomer. Decades of experience in the processing of polyurethanes in combination with the latest processing options and know-how in mechanical processing enable us to produce even complex components with tight tolerance specifications. Whether as a one-off or large series, our in-house mold construction allows maximum flexibility in the production of tailor-made coatings on base bodies made of metal or other plastics.

Vulkollan® is a registered trademark of Covestro AG. As a licensee of the Vulkollan® brand, asma is authorized to sell polyurethane products made from Desmodur 15 with the designation „made of Vulkollan“.

We would also be happy to manufacture your products from Vulkollan®.

asma Vulkollan

A report from Mario Weninger (Head of Sales)