Safety experts advise companies (entrepreneurs, employees, safety officers) about occupational safety and human work design and support employers in fulfilling the relevant legal requirements.

A report by Günter Braun (safety officer)

Job description

Safety experts check the safety devices and working conditions and summarize their findings and suggestions in reports. They also advise on the various options for accident prevention, occupational diseases and industrial hygiene and take on organizational tasks, such as the coordination of different departments regarding the measures to be carried out. They also organise first aid courses, lectures and training courses on fire and accident prevention, etc.

Every company that employs workers is obliged to employ a safety officer. In small companies, this task is carried out by safety specialists from the AUVA (Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt), larger companies employ their own safety specialists or commission technical safety centres.

Safety experts advise companies on safety equipment and check the existing facilities. You will gain extensive knowledge about the operation (production methods, manufacturing processes) and find out which systems are used and how they work.

During inspections and factory tours, safety experts check e.g., the proper marking of danger areas and escape routes, the attachment of appropriate information boards and explanations, as well as the installation of fire extinguishers and protective equipment.

Important activities at a glance:

    • Inform and advise employers, employees and safety officers on general questions of occupational safety and accident prevention
    • Determine and assess dangers and sources of danger
    • Suggest and define measures to prevent the dangers
    • Organize and carry out instructions (e.g. first aid courses, testing of protective equipment, fire protection exercises)
    • Carry out technical measurements, e.g., noise, lighting, indoor climate, dust pollution, pollutant measurements
    • Create internal safety instructions
    • Advise on protective equipment and check existing protective equipment
    • Advise on the introduction of new working processes, especially in connection with the use of new working materials
    • Plan work processes and workplaces taking into account work ergonomics and participate in an advisory capacity in the planning of workplaces
    • Prepare fire protection plans and evacuation measures
    • Create records, logs and reports

I myself have been working as a safety specialist since 2008 after training at the TÜV Austria Academy. Gradually, I also took over the activities of a fire protection, laser, dangerous goods and waste officer. Due to the current corona situation, I took part in a training course to become a pandemic officer at the ABC Defense School of the Austrian federal government. Furthermore, I also maintain and service the operational notification management system and the contact with the authorities (district authority, labor inspectorate, state).

The activities of a safety specialist can only take place in cooperation with the management, occupational medicine and the employees. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.

After I have consumed the rest of my leave or time off in lieu, I will retire on October 1st, 2022.

All areas of responsibility will be taken over by my successor Dietmar Turini, who has been working in the company for about a year and has also completed the necessary trainings during this time.

Good luck and good cooperation.



Günter Braun is now retiring after 14 years as a safety specialist at asma.


Dietmar Turini is now taking over the agenda from Günter Braun.

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