For the fourth time, an asma Family Day took place on August 5th and 26th. The opportunity to give partners, children, siblings or parents an insight into the personal working environment was accepted by many. 

asma Family-Day 2022

A large part of the asma workforce proudly presented their machine or office space to their closest relatives, showed various work processes or even took a short tour of their field of activity. Many relatives of the asma employees also took part in the factory tours. 

It has been a few years since the last open day at asma. Since then, several people have joined the team, but also due to the pandemic, there was hardly any opportunity to visit asma after the completion of the major expansion at the end of 2020. The interest was correspondingly high. 

A guided tour in their national language was prepared for the visitors of the Czech members of the asma family. Conclusion: The positive feedback motivates the organizers to continue repeating the asma Family Day as part of „Family & Work“.