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Mechanic engineering / Machine building

As diverse as the fields of application in machine and plant engineering are, as large is the selection of products – tailor-made for you

Polyurethanes do not only excel through their special mechanical properties but also offer a wide range of processing possibilities that make these materials the first choice when it comes to machine building and mechanic engineering. Regardless of the quantities, whether producing single pieces, small series or high quantities for complex plants – the variety of applications is as broad as the variety of products that can be manufactured and each one is tailored to the sector’s demand.

Grippers | Feeding rollers | Suppression wheels | Driving wheels | Pumpers and dampers | Moulded sealings | Squeegees | Coupling elements | Pre-cuts | Semifinished goods | Guiding and gliding elements | Profiles | Screening elements | Cyclones | Industrial rollers | Scrapers | Bumper plates | Wear protection linings | Press dies


Polyurethanes differ from natural or synthetic rubber in a number of special features, such as:

  • outstanding wear- and abrasion resistance
  • high tensile strength
  • good damping and resilience
  • high tear resistance
  • good electrical properties
  • high resistance to mineral oil and fuel
  • high rebound elasticity over the full hardness range