Metal processing

Coatings of rollers and rolls with wear resistant and chemically resistant PU excellent for use in metal processing

Due to their special wear resistance and very good chemical resistance, new coatings or re-coatings of rollers and moulded parts made of polyurethane (PUR) are ideally suited for use in many areas of metal processing. We are happy to coat your wheels and rollers in our company.

With polyurethane roller coverings, the service life of drive rollers, brake rollers, squeezing rollers, applicator rollers, transport rollers and idle rollers for the aluminium and steel industry can be significantly extended. Our different Asmaprene and Asmathane PUR formulations are ideal for the following applications:

Squeezing rollers | Wipers and scrapers | Drive rollers | Bearings | Band accumulator rollers | Brake rollers | Coil mats | Diabolo rolls | Screw conveyors | Contact wheels | Applicator rollers | Pipe support | Transport rollers | Deflection and idle rollers


Polyurethanes differ from natural or synthetic rubber in a number of special features, such as:

  • outstanding wear- and abrasion resistance
  • high tensile strength
  • good damping and resilience
  • high tear resistance
  • good electrical properties
  • high resistance to mineral oil and fuel
  • high rebound elasticity over the full hardness range

Applicator rollers coated with Asmaprene FPS and FP are characterized by excellent resistance to a variety of solvents and high wear resistance with excellent grindability at the same time. A bubble-and streak-free production of the roller covers ensures trouble-free transfer of the coatings. These are used in coil and can coating industry.

Squeezing rollers with roll covers made of Asmaprene D have a very good resistance to acids, alkalis and hot water and are highly wear-resistant. Polyurethane squeezing roll covers made of Asmaprene D achieve an extension of the service life by 50-300% compared to those from EPDM or Hypalon®

These are used in cleaning, pickling, electrolytic galvanizing and chem coating.

Drive rollers, brake rollers, transport rollers, deflection rollers and band accumulator rollers with coverings made of Asmaprene L have very good wear resistance and are at the same time resistant to aging over many years.

Moulded parts such as scrapers, bearings, coil mats, transport screws, diabolo rollers and buffers made of Asmathane are highly wear-resistant and have an excellent price-performance ratio. These are used in steel mills, pipe and wire mills, blank production and steel service centers.