Lifters and grippers

Customized wear-resistant PU coating on lifter or gripper


  • PU does not only protect the workpiece to be lifted but also saves the hosting sling from damages on sharp edges
  • Highly resistant to wear
  • Different degrees of hardness make reacting to customer requirements possible


  • Coated lifters and grippers are used for dampening or to protect components that are to be moved.
  • Production or coating made from PU to build up friction/grip.
  • (blank metal grippers can slip and cause damages)

Available at asma

  • Customized moulded parts or coating of carrier part
  • Hardness ranging from 25° Shore A to 95° Shore A or up to 75° Shore D
  • Single piece to large scale production
  • From very small parts with tight tolerance limits to bigger and heavier components which are moved in plants
  • Internal mould construction allows for a flexibility in changing and adjusting
  • Production of the components using vacuum casting is possible
  • Making a choice, after careful selection, for the suitable PU type according to the field of application
  • (food industry, temperature, hydrolysis, contact with special acids and lyes, certain oils …)