Needle boards

Coated needle boards for non-woven production on different carrier boards with durable PUR elastomers


Needle boards are plates consisting of a metal body and a plastic coating (on one or on both sides) with many small holes, where felting needles are inserted. Those boards are used in machines to produce fleece. Asma produces extensive PU coatings on metal support plates which are provided by the customer. Further processing is undertaken by the customer. (Drilling, milling, …)


  • The wear resistant coating made from PU elongates the plates´ service life.
  • Facilitation of the plates´ manipulation

Available at asma

  • Extensive PU coatings on aluminium or magnesium (further processing is done by the customer, who also has a sufficient amount of know-how)
  • Different Shore hardness values possible (Shore A and Shore D)
  • Using swelling tests, the most resilient PU type can be chosen
  • The optimal connection of PU coating and basic body is important
  • The coating process must be followed precisely (pre-treatment)