Vacuum suction devices

Flat suction cups and bellows suction elements made of polyurethane in different hardnesses and designs


  • Vacuum suction devices are often part of machines or plants to transport or lift workpieces
  • Made from PU, they are highly resistant to wear
  • The support surface is produced very accurately by grinding


  • Handling of workpieces made from different materials (wood, metal, glass, …) in plants
  • Flat vacuum suction devices: good inherent stability for exact positioning of workpieces
  • Below suction cups: several folds to achieve a dampening effect, careful gripping, optimal reconciliation of height differences

Available at asma

  • Customized moulded parts or coatings of carrier parts for your application (no catalogue parts)
  • Hardness from 25° to 90° Shore A
  • Single pieces to large-scale production
  • Small suction devices with a size of a few centimetres to larger special suction tools
  • Reconciliation of contour and Shore hardness is ideal for the optimal functioning
  • Internal mould construction allows for a flexibility in changing and adjusting
  • Production of the components using vacuum casting is possible
  • Making a choice, after careful selection, for the suitable PU type according to the field of application
  • (food industry, temperature, hydrolysis, contact with special acids and lyes, certain oils …)