Technical coatings

Whether mold seals, lifters & grippers or conveyor chain plates etc. technical polyurethane coatings of Asma show worldwide quality & performance

Polyurethane elastomer (PUR) is the perfect material for the wear-resistant coating of tubs, troughs, trays, gutters, containers, and conveyors and can be applied in either casting or spraying procedures.

In any case, we offer wear-resistant coating for a variety of technical applications in industrial plants and machinery including chemically-bonded coating sprayed or cast onto metal surfaces.

Rubberisation and Vulcanisation

These terms actually describe the process of applying rubber in which a chemical cross-linking reaction takes place, the so-called „vulcanisation“ (this is performed inside an autoclave, under high pressure and temperature and with steam).

As polyurethane elastomers are similar to rubber materials as far as use and processing are concerned, many of its technical terms have also become common in the world of PUR-processing.

Polyurethane, however, is generally cast in its liquid state at a temperature ranging from 30°C to 120°C without applying additional pressure.