Dampers and springs

We customize the properties of our PUR dampers and spring elements from springy (energy retaining) or damping (energy absorbing) especially for you


  • Polyurethane plastics can be formulated as to exhibit either dampening (energy-absorbing) or springy (energy-conserving) characteristics
  • Compact (non-foamed) polyurethane elastomers show a constant volume because of their viscoelastic behaviour and can be deformed up to 30% in continuous operation
  • Foamed polyurethane elastomers are compressible and exhibit no lateral strain up to a deformation of 30% and can be deformed up to 80% in continuous operation
  • Springs and dampers made from polyurethane elastomers are resistant to humidity and corrosion in comparison to metals


  • Spring elements are used to conserve energy (hold-down devices and ejectors in punching tools)
  • Swinging elements in screening machines, rubber-metal elements, form elements and cushions, pickers…)
  • Damping elements to absorb energy (end stops, impact buffers, bump stops…)

Available at asma

  • Customer specific components according to drawings and models
  • With dampers and springs, our customers can choose between compact polyurethane elastomers in a hardness range from 30 to 95 Shore A and polyurethane elastomers with a density of 450-900 kg/m3
  • Dampers and springs can:
  • be produced using semi-finished goods or moulds
  • be produced adhering to metals
  • receive force progression by a geometric mould design