Pipe bends

Our specially matched long-life and wear-resistant PUR elastomers protect pipe bends from abrasive media


Elastomeric pipe bends or other internal coatings are often used in the conveying of abrasive media such as drilling mud in mining, scale in suction devices or dried hops as used in beer brewing. Pipe bends are subject to increased wear due to a combination of abrasion and erosion at changes of direction and branch pipes.


The advantage that comes along with the use of polyurethanes is that the media causing wear still crashes into the pipe wall but, because of the wall´s elasticity, it yields and goes back to its initial shape after a short time. In contrast to inelastic wall materials, this reduces wear.

Available at asma

  • Asma produces pipe bends and branch pipes with optimized wear resistance according to our customer´s needs.
  • Whether you are looking for integrated screw flanges, increased temperature resistance or antistatic properties: we are looking forward to receiving you request.