Tube cleaning systems (pig)

Tube cleaning systems (pigs) in many designs made of polyurethane with excellent wear resistance


  • Tube cleaning systems (pigs) made from PU are highly resistant to wear and can be deformed dependent on their Shore hardness.
  • There are many different PU pigs available:
  • Completely compact PU products, single segments combined to create a pig, special substructure with a coating resistant to wear or a specially developed product customized for our consumer´s application
  • Very tight pipe bends can be accessed while an excellent resistance to wear is maintained


Using the pig technique, a conveying process, liquids, pasty media, powder and granulates can be removed almost completely from the pipe system by pushing the pig, using water or compressed air, and therefore the media to be removed through the system

Available at asma

  • Customized moulding part or coating of a carrier part
  • Single pieces to large-scale production
  • Internal mould construction allows for flexibility in changing and adjusting
  • Making a choice, after careful selection, for the suitable PU type according to the field of application (food industry, temperature, hydrolysis, contact with special acids and lyes, certain oils…)
  • Metal components which are cast-in, inserts
  • Various hardness values, shapes and density levels
  • The availability of different materials enables an accurate reconciliation of required elasticity and the highest possible resistance to wear