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Welcome to the world of polyurethane – as already on our home page we invite you to explore this wonderful world of fascinating materials and its various applications. And who could explain it better then our employees, working since years or with the fresh view of the newcomer on the multiple facettes of these products. 
In a series of interviews, reports and comments are telling people their stories and experiences, about the tasks and possibilities of polyurethane. Besides technical and functional facts there will be also room for private, philosophical or personal things. In a loose sequence we will publish here new articles. We cordially invite you to follow these pages, maybe finding also the one or other useful idea. 

 Many thanks to our employees, who realize this asma – website – project with great participation and enthusiasm. 

 Cordially, Claudia Steininger und Thomas Brandeis (Management)

Special conditions require special solutions

An article by Thomas Bauernfried - asma quality control Troubleshooting@asma – solving problems and developing results The worldwide use of Polyurethane materials requires special measures in some cases to optimize a product. Extreme, climatic conditions, long...

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Conducting the final inspection

An article by Marlene Langgutt & Martin Artner - asma quality control For every order which leaves our company, a final inspection has to be carried out. Primary, the inspection serves the prevention of reclamations, which would cause additional costs. Thus, any order...

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asma – Family and career

Reconciling family life and one's career is possible when working at asma. While managing her family with two boys perfectly, Verena Binder also successfully completed her examination to operate the CNC machine correctly. Moreover, she is eager to be able to improve...

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Nothing for amateurs

They roll silently and invisibly-not only in many elevators and in various machines- but also over the parquet in film studios. Imagine you buy a brand-new car, the one you have always dreamed of, or a new piece of furniture. But wait, a scratched and grooved lacquer...

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Leisure and work

What do a sound mixing console and a plastic mixing head have in common?  Yes, as you might have correctly guessed, “Usually, a mixing console and a mixing head for plastics have exactly nothing in common.” Except when a young plastic shaper expresses his interest in...

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