Your application – our task

You are not satisfied with your current solution or need customized PU parts for special applications – we at Asma live polyurethane

Besides a high flexibility over a wide range of temperatures, the material polyurethane offers an outstanding resistance to cut, a high tensile strength, an excellent resistance to tear as well as a good abrasion resistance.

You have a technical challenge involving a flexible elastomer component or coating which has to be produced under highly modern standards regarding material technology and processing, but you haven´t yet found the perfect solution?



Polyurethanes differ from natural or synthetic rubber in a number of special features, such as:

  • outstanding wear- and abrasion resistance
  • high tensile strength
  • good damping and resilience
  • high tear resistance
  • good electrical properties
  • high resistance to mineral oil and fuel
  • high rebound elasticity over the full hardness range

Available at asma:

  • A golden asma rule implies that if your application requires two or three of the aforementioned properties of casted polyurethanes, then you might have found the perfect material already, and we would be happy to further support you on your way to your product
  • With great pleasure, we would like to advise you, whether a compact or a cellular structure would be more useful to you.
  • Our technical sales team is looking forward to receiving your requests.