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Optimization of your product

You purchase PU products or coatings regularly and you are looking for ways to optimize your product?

We offer you a team of developers and application engineers who will assist you in optimizing your product according to your requirements.

The performance of our PU systems, manufacturing processes and our know-how enables us to provide you with the following optimization possibilities:

  • Improvement concerning the optimal use of elastomers
  • PU products optimally adjusted to specific environments and operating conditions (mechanical resistance to wear, chemical resistance, resistance to UV-radiance, temperature resistance, resistance to hydrolysis, resistance to microbes)
  • Surface quality (free from bubbles and streaks, grinded without texture)
  • Functionalisation of PU surfaces (antistatic, electrically conductive, dirt-repellent, hydrophobic)
  • Costs of production (semi- or fully automated production)
  • Optimization for applications worldwide

Optimizations make possible:

  • An increase in service life
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Increased throughput capacity of machines or plants
  • Cost reductions because of cheaper components and extended maintenance intervals
  • Worldwide application of our products
  • Reduction in diversity of variants due to different operating conditions of PU products


Tell us about what you would like to optimize about your product!