Varnishing rollers and application rollers

High durability and quality for your applicator rollers, varnishing rollers & coater rollers – Asma Polyurethane is the right choice

PU-coated application rollers, varnishing rollers and coater rollers are used for the application of coatings, varnishes, oils and reactive media to single and off-the-shelf products.

Wooden surfaces:

  • Furniture
  • parquet floors
  • MDF boards

Under the brand names of EasyPren and XtraFlex, there are special, highly-deformable coatings in a hardness range from 10 to 30 Shore A available. These are used for the application to contoured workpieces.

The properties are as follows:

  • Extremely high deformability and flexibility
  • Coating of chamfer and radii is possible
  • Surfaces without texture for high-quality paint surfaces
  • Roller coating suitable for varnishes and oils


Metal surfaces:

  • Coil Coating in the steel and aluminium industry for the automotive sector, facade construction, electric appliances
  • Can Coating of tinplate or aluminium cans for the beverage industry
  • Chem Coating and oiling of steel sheets


Plastic surfaces:

  • Varnishing and printing of decorative foils, floorings
  • Transfer of silicones on foils


Glass surfaces:

  • Decorative and functional coatings


  • Wide range of PU systems available, customized for specific applications
  • Resistant to solvents, alcohols, surface coating resin, glue, oils, fats and water-based media
  • Excellent moistening of surfaces and outstanding transmission characteristics
  • High resistance to wear and cut against sharp edges
  • Cavity-free roller coatings, free from streaks, guarantee flawlessly coated and varnished surfaces
  • Very good grindability

Available at asma:

  • Hardness range: 10-90 Shore A
  • Maximal diameter: 600mm
  • Maximal length: 4000 mm
  • Maximal component weight: 3 to
  • Customized surface finish, with grooves if required