Complete rollers

In addition to recoating, we also offer complete rollers as  roll manufacturer


  • Complete rollers including base body (roller cores) and roller coating for industrial applications in the metal, wood, plastics and textile industries.
  • Base body made of steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal, but also made of plastics such as GRP, CFRP, PA, POM or PUR of high / soft hardness (2 layer structure).
  • Upon request, including ball bearings, shaft circlips and other attachments
  • z. B. transport rollers, braking rollers, squeegee rollers, coater rollers, painting rollers, application rollers, pressure rollers, deflection rollers, feed rollers, glue application rollers.
  • Developed individually for your application according to drawing specifications or in cooperation with our partners.

Properties of the roller coatings:

  • Wide range of available PUR formulations
  • Abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant coatings
  • Temperature resistant
  • Acid and alkali resistance (pH 1.5-13)
  • Resistance to hydrolysis (hot water)
  • High line loads

Available from asma:

  • Maximum part weight: 3 to
  • Maximum diameter: 600 mm
  • Maximum total length: 4000 mm
  • Hardness: 10 Shore A -75 Shore D