Squeeze rollers

Here you will find the right squeeze rollers used for chemical treatment of metals or in pickling and coating lines.


  • Squeeze rollers (squeeze rolls) are used for the chemical treatment of steel, stainless steel and aluminium 
  • For picking plants and electrolytical coating plants 


  • Highly resilient, abrasion and cut resistant coatings 
  • Resistant to temperatures of up to 150° C 
  • Acid- and lye-resistant (pH 1,5-13) 
  • Resistant to hydrolysis (hot water) 

Available at asma 

  • Maximal component weight 
  • Diameters of up to 600 mm  
  • Lengths of up to 4000 mm 
  • Hardness: 60 Shore A – 95 Shore A