Wheels and rolls in general 

We coat different rollers & wheels with our special PUR formulations to have the appropriate wheel for every each application

PUR wheel coatings adhere to metal base bodies as well as to plastics such as GRP, CRP, polyamide, POM or PUR of a high degree of hardness (two- layer structure). 

We produce PU wheel coatings especially tailored to our customer´s needs in industrial application, for example driving wheels, heavy-duty wheels, forklift tyres, friction wheels, feed wheels, hold-down wheels, band saw wheels, pump wheels, pulleys, and many more rubberised wheels and rolls.  

We also coat your existing or new wheel base bodies. If necessary, we also offer complete wheels or complete rolls including ball bearings and services such as assembly and disassembly of ball bearings.  

For this, we use a broad range of PUR formulations, including Vulkollan. The hardness varies from 10 Shore A to 75 Shore D.  

Asma would be pleased to develop PU wheel coatings according your needs.