At Asma, we like to be innovative and try to offer the best solutions for our customers. In addition to PUR materials themselves, this also includes the various manufacturing processes and molding technologies. In order to do this, the technology bases often have to be reviewed and developed. In the course of our building construction, a state-of-the-art technical center was also built.

The technical center is a link between laboratory and production. Especially challenging tasks often require some test runs in order to reach the goal. It enables us to work on developments independently, without having to occupy production machines and systems. In the technical center, various machines and manufacturing processes are available for us to raise development up to series production. A team of 6 developers is available for the tasks.

In the future, the machines of the technical center will also be used for the comprehensive training of our apprentices.

With a team of developers and application engineers, we offer the opportunity to develop and optimize your product according to the requirements. Contact us. We look forward to your tasks.

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