AsmaGel Cleaning roller

With AsmaGel, we can realize very soft (plasticizer-free) products with different residual tack l Dust removal roller l Anti-slip

AsmaGel – a new trade name in the offer of Asma.

Soft PU-materials with a hardness of <10 Shore A, without plasticizer and with a defined remaining adhesiveness on the surface are not fully new. They find their application for instance as slip resistant pads for mobile phones in cars.

The idea from Asma is to develop these materials and to make them useable for our clients in industrial applications. Especially, we focus on the application as dust removal rollers during the manufacture of plastic foils.

High-quality foils must be cleaned of the smallest adhesive dust particles before subsequent treatment or delivery. Coatings with AsmaGel can be used herefor, they pick up dust particles due to their stickiness or respectively can pass these particles to other more adhesive dust collectors. For the case that too much dust accumulated on the sticky surface of the roller one can clean it easily with soap water and the permanent remaining adhesiveness is restored.

AsmaGel isn’t measured in Shore A, due to its low hardness it is measured in Shore 00. You can take as indication that 50 Shore 00 = 5 Shore A.

AsmaGel is produced with a hardness of 30 Shore 00 (very adhesive) to 70 Shore 00 (not adhesive).