Moulded sealings

PU moulded sealings from Asma exhibit good temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, acid and alkali resistance in different Shore hardnesses


  • PU moulded sealings are highly resistant to wear and, dependent on their Shore hardness, can be moved and deformed in many ways. High stress without a loss in sealing effect is possible.
  • Suitable for the use in liquids and in gaseous environments. FDA-approval, temperature resistant, resistant to hydrolysis, acid- and lye-proof


  • Flexible processing possibilities
  • They are considered to be automatic sealing elements since the operating pressure reinforces their sealing effect
  • Quite frequently, they are used in hydraulic and pneumatic components

Available at asma

  • Customized moulding part or coating of a carrier part
  • Hardness: 25°-95° Shore A
  • Single pieces to large-scale production
  • From very small parts to bigger sealings dependent on the contour
  • Internal mould construction allows for flexibility in changing and adjusting
  • Production of the components using vacuum casting is possible
  • Making a choice, after careful selection, for the suitable PU type according to the field of application (food industry, temperature, hydrolysis, contact with special acids and lyes, certain oils…)